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Got my new macbook pro and I'm absolutely obsessed, it hasn't left my side. Besides that, found this cute vintage skirt worn as a dress. It's so flowy and lightweight, very comfortable. It's currently thunderstorming where I live so I decided to stay in tonight, start designing my new collection. Last week when I went into New York I picked up a couple of cute topshop pieces, I'll incorporate them into my outfits and wear them soon for you. I got a beautiful feminine floral bustier, and a rose cutout crop tank top, and a couple of basic v-neck tees. Unfortunately they didn't have my size in most garments out of the entire three floors of the store. I found these perfect pair of bohemian tan fringed sandals there, but of course not my size. So I ended up ordering a pair from Urban Outfitters, I'll prob post them tomorrow or soon. They are exactly what I was looking for. I'm currently very into this bohemian grunge look. I love all the neutral browns and beiges and distressed leather. I've changed my daily makeup and focus more on my skin. I'm using a bronzer and shimmer. I already have rosy cheeks so I don't use blush. But, I recently got this Chanel liquid bronze glow makeup and I wear it all the time. And then for my eyes I'll either do heavy mascara or mascara and a slight doe eye. And for my lips.. I just use chapstick and frosty light pink lipstick. I'm gonna go get to work!! PS, sorry for my lack of makeup in these pictures haha, oh and the fact that my eyes are closed in the last one.
Skirt, vintage. Belt, Ralph Lauren. Wedges, Charles David. Gold bangles, Hermes. Leather bracelet, Bottega Venetta. Necklaces, Vintage.
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The pictures above are from a couple of weeks ago. There's just something about them that I like. [Bathingsuit, vintage and American Apparel].


Trendy Gourmandise said...

nice necklace

Anonymous said...

loving the photos at the beginning..beautiful treatment of the necklaces and belt
fun post!!

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alice said...

your blog is cute.
and i really like your necklace