So, basically..

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So, basically I have a thing for moschino lately.  I just loved the thin crisp navy and white stripes and then that red stoned heart.  I'm just so in love with their whimsical ideas and effortlessly chic appearance.  From my bathing suit to this top now... Also, I'm obsessed with bows.  Bow head-wear, bow pins, bows on clothing, bow graphics, anything really.
First Photo: Top, Madison Marcus.  Cardi, H&M.  Shorts, A&F.  Shoes, MK.  Bag, Vintage Chanel.
2nd: Top, Moschino.  Bathingsuit, AA.  Shorts, i really don't remember.  Sunglasses, Ray Bans
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Blood Roses said...

i agree, navy/white stripes are v desirable...totally timeless!

Bella said...

Oh, I'm right there with you on whimsy of Moschino... it's divine.

And the stripe are perfect!
I love it.

Maria C said...

we took the shot at least 15 times, alcohol didnt help. haha... we left the shutter open for a few seconds.

great outfit by the way... i love your swimming costume below!

electric feel said...

love the second pic

jaleh said...

moschino & bows, yessss

and i seriously love your swimsuit

electric feel said...

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Ingvild Marie said...

Nice blog:)

agnes said...

I love Moschino too...everything about it just too lovely to be real :)

tigermilk said...

wow i love your bold choice of trendy fashion. it's very refreshing.