Cancun, Mexico

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12/27: So, I joined in on the twilight madness. I decided that since I watched the movie before I read the first book I would just skip to reading the second book. I'm not that big on reading, in fact, i'm not fond of reading books at all. They just don't interest me. But, I finished the 563 page book in less than 3 days. How I did it, I dont know. It was amazing, I'm fully obsessed with the character Edward Cullen..just like everyone else. If you haven't already the books, I recommend you start now.
12/28: I'm currently sitting by the pool absorbing all sun that comes in my direction. Really enjoying those pina coladas. I'm finally getting around to reading my Italian Vogue and listening to my ipod. My current playlist consists of everything from The Eagles to Aqualung. I've been to obsessed with New Moon too much to even listen to my music or be interested in magazines. The water here is gorgeous and the weather is fabulous. Clear sunny skies every day. I'm really improving with my espanol.  There's so many people here from France, Spain, England, California, even Scotland. Such a foreign resort..quite the vacation.
1/2: I'm back home.  It's freezing cold and I'm about to go out.  I forgot how to dress for the ice cold weather.  I'll post my Cancun pictures throughout the week... there are so many. The above pictures are day and below are the same night.  Happy New Years!!! 09 baby.
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Above: Bathingsuit, Moschino.  Sunnies, Rayban.
Below: Shirt, Chloe. Skirt, Designed and Created By Me.  Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell.  Bag, Louis Vuitton. Jewelry, Vintage & Chanel.


Micaela said...

i love the books, i finish all of them this winter break in one week. there so good

and cute bathsuit

electric feel said...

the bathingsuit is so gorgous

the.ramonas said...

OMG! THAT BATHINGSUIT! all right... straight to business. First we are going to need an email and/or phone number. We don't want to reveal many details through blogger. Also this is a work in progress project so we don't know dates yet. However we definitely want to keep you in contact and store your info! FELIZ ANO NUEVO!

ps- send the info to:


LoveMore said...

happy new year!
lovvving the suit!!! hot hot hot.
xxx LM

Trendy Gourmandise said...

OMG i want the same Bathingsuit

belle.chantelle said...

Ahh!!! You look so awesome! <3 Loving the water *sigh

p.s. that bathing suit is friggin adorable! I LURVEZ BOWS!

Fashion Addict said...

It must be very hard to go from such a warm climate to an area with crazy cold weather! Hope you have a great new year to come!

chocandcinnamon said...

Right now I'm so jealous, it's so freakin cold here, I wish I've been somewhere warmer :(
U look gorgeous in the pics, btw. :D

Miss Urbanita said...

I loooooove your bathingsuit!!! Need it. Kisses ;)


Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

That is such a cute bathing suit.

Kristina said...

omg what an amzing swimming suit!:)

Bella said...

You're just so damn lovely... gorgeous shots!

Effortlessy Chic.


yiqin; said...


Anonymous said...

I love your Bathingsuit and great Beach Pictures.

Krystal said...

that swimsuit! my jaw is on the floor--it is too perfect! x

Anonymous said...