Betsey Johnson Fall 2008

Bohemian-Chic. It's still everywhere. The ubiquitous bohemian leather fringe and prints. If you're having fashion troubles, just go boho. It's easy and almost always ends up looking chic.
Simple mini dress. They can be paired with many different accessories, which contributes to the piece being extremely wearable.   You can style the mini dress a countless number of ways because of its chic simplicity.
As Elle proclaimed in one of their spreads "for Fall it's all about the jacket". The spread itself wasn't that great, but those words make a statement. And then there is this eccentric jacket, which agrees with that bold statement.
Exposed zippers! They are everywhere. I especially love this dress because the exposed zipper is down the front of the dress, rather than the back. And I almost forgot to mention, I love those fingerless gloves.


Times of Glory said...

The collection has that bohemian mixing rock-star feel - something stylish but still very wearable! You are so right,"...If you're having fashion troubles, just go boho." It is easy-going xxx

GretchPants said...

Awesome. I just ♥ everything Betsey churns out...