Alexander Wang Fall 2008

So, why is Alexander Wang one of our current favorite designers? He makes simple, but intricately detailed and designed clothing that's easy to wear. You can pair many pieces from his fall 2008 collection with an abundance of different tops or bottoms. The pieces don't limit you to a certain range or type of clothing. Basically, Alexander Wang's fall 2008 runway collection is easy to translate to everyday living.

Start ripping your sheer tights, girls! And pair those denim shorts with those sheer tights (a la sienna miller).

Oh, and back to black and white. Fall 2008.


Ragamala said...

I am soo lusting for all of Alexander's pieces. I'm going to look my messiest this year I'm sure!

lydia said...

Alexander Wang's been getting a lot of love lately. I'm not super familiar with him but I'm in agreement with you on the easy-to-wear factor. Insightful post.
And I'm super jealous that Gossip Girl was filming in your neighborhood! I think I would have hopped into the scene and begged to be an extra .... then I'd raid Blair's wardrobe and steal everything hehe.

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

I love Mr Wang. I covet every single piece. Oh and I've been wearing ripped tights due to my laziness, much to my parents disapproval!!

Toni Alexis said...

i totally love these pieces!