hello world

sorry for being so slow with the posts, i've been ridiculously busy lately!
this weekend i had some fun at topshop...what else is new.
tank, topshop. cardi, zara. jeans (diy zipper), pacsun. wedges, charles david. aviators, raybans.


Camilla said...

LOVE the top :) xxx


Lexi Colby said...

i love your top!
topshop always has the greatest things

Valencia Lia said...

Gorgeous gorgeous photos and I really love love the boho vibe with this !

Love love the drapey cardigan and those side zipper jeans :)

Annachiara said...

wow...you're wooonderfull!!!loove your style :D

Heather of Heat Storm said...

oooh these pics are some of my faves of you! really cool 70s feel. my favourite is the second last shot- you are looking killer :) xxx

Fashion Queen said...

I love your jeans!!


all about the style said...

Amazing photos again ! I love the shirt !

Danielle said...

That tank is awesome!!!


Anonymous said...

love it darling
thanks for sharing
im such a fan of your blog, its beautiful, keep it up
and thanks for the sweet comments, ive linked you!


Eri said...

Love this look, is so boho chic and it suits the mood of the pictures perfectly.

Thank you so much for stopppping by, I really appreciate your visit.

Keep up with the fabulous outfits and see you soon.

Take care

popdisorder said...

We love your taste!
popdisorder.blogspot.com is for YOU!

Laura* said...

really like it!!!!!


Jes said...

Love diy zippers. :) And that tree.Its massive and amazing