Intro To The Lookbook

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Photography by Rom Bokobza
So, I'm highly considering selling certain pieces from my collection on Etsy/Ebay.
Question: Would you guys be my buyers?  If I were to sell, how much would you spend?
Left, me.  Right, Micaela Duca (officially my favorite model, ever.)
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Jules said...

Love ur designs, i would pay up to $50'for such a skirt.

love ur blog too:)

i follow ur blog now, care to follow mine?

Laura said...

I love the skirt!
i would pay bout $40 for it I guess.

Melting Fabric said...

cute skirts! very very cute

i love tutus

could you link me!>

electric feel said...

love the skirts!

deep_in_vogue said...

Oohh these tulle skirts are DIVINE!! Would devinitely buy from you hun!

Dark Bohemiian said...

did u make these skirts ? I saw them smwhere ....I thk on lookbook and I saved the file on my pc they are awesome !!!

Jen said...

i would mos def buy. probably most is $50.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?