March thirteenth.

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So, I'm currently waiting on the pictures from my fashion show last weekend.  Can't wait to make that slideshow to present to my future colleges & you guys of course.. I'll probably have it by next weekend.  Tomorrow, I'm going into the city and I'll be sure to have a couple pictures up after.  I've been lacking on the outfit shots lately.
2009 spring & summer, my wish list is as follows, so far (that doesn't mean much):
Macbook Pro, Prada heels & everyday bag, Frye wedges, Paige straight let jeans, blank jeans, all Alexander Wang basics, Asos shopping spree, intermix shopping spree, american apparel shopping spree, & i really need to refresh on that makeup (sephora, of course).


Ike said...

that's quite a list! can't wait to see the pictures from your fashion show!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

oo if that was my list, i'd be able to tick the new header out! i finally changed it :D i want prada heels too. actually i want a chanel bag but so does everyone :( and my wallet wont let me so boo.. hope u get ur things! x

Bella said...

You have some pretty excellent ideas on that list... can't wait for the fashion show shots!