The Girl From Ipanema

Exposed Zipper Tank Dress, Designed & Created by me. Cashmere Sweater, unknown. Shoes, Michael Kors. Bag, Vintage Chanel.
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By the way, you have to listen to this remixed song, it's absolutely amazing. You might want to fast forward the beginning a little though, it's a bit awkward.


margault said...

hello dear ! really nice pictures.
of course we can exchange links, im adding you right now.
love !

Jen said...

that dress is amazing! nice work.

cleo said...

i really love your dress:)
and thanks for the comment im so glad you liked it:)

girl next blog said...

I lovelovelove your sweater!
And looks like it's really soft and comfortamble.

Ess Elsie. said...

your coat is amazing. i love the pockets on it!

the.ramonas said...

nice style! we def dig it. no problem, we added you to our blog list! hope to se you around!


electric feel said...

hey my dear
thank you for your comment
I linked you

you have a great blog and a great sense of style

Yves said...

Definitely a cool mellow song once you make it passed 1:30

Bella said...

Ah, the zipper is fashion-delicious... love it!

Anonymous said...

wow that zipper dress looks great :>

Trendy Gourmandise said...

nice dress

Anonymous said...

pretty sure that dress(zipper dress) has been designed and created before by someone who actually has talent.

Kaila said...

totally love your style girl, LOVE.