To me, Halloween is an expression of creation and individuality. Halloween is a form of fashion. It’s a day where you can walk out of your house looking like anything you want to look like. It is a freedom of design and expression. Though people do have this freedom everyday of their lives, Halloween enables some people to break out of and contradict what they would normally wear. People don’t have to conform to society, they can look however they want and wouldn’t have to have an explanation as to why they look the way they do. In my opinion, Halloween should be celebrated once a month because people enjoy dressing up to such a great extent. Halloween is inspiring to designers.
When I was a child one of the things that I liked most about Halloween was the thrill of receiving insane amounts of candy from trick-or-treating. I also loved to dress up. One year I was a Spice Girl and another year I was a princess. I had my mom sew me a sparkly tank top dress so I looked like my icon at the time, Baby Spice of The Spice Girls. When I was young Halloween was one of my favorite holidays and it still is, but I have more sincerity to the same reasoning. My favorite Halloween costume when I was younger was the Baby Spice costume because it was so perfect for me. It was one of a kind. Even if it wasn’t Halloween I would randomly put it on throughout the year and wear it around my house. It was a fun dress. I took pleasure in the fact that my mom sewed it and that no other children had it.
This year most of my friends went out to buy their Halloween costumes. Instead of buying a costume for myself I cropped and sewed a t-shirt. I wore a mesh body suit, cat ears, and denim shorts with this cropped t-shirt. What I wore was inventive and unique. The costumes that are pre-made are for those with no imagination and sense of creation. I saw a vision in my mind for halloween this year to be a cat and I followed my vision without buying what everyone else would be wearing. Halloween is a holiday where one can express oneself and it’s hard to express oneself when you’re wearing what any other teenager had the option to buy and wear.
Halloween is similar to a fashion runway. A designer can create anything that they wish to present on their runway. Though they want it to appeal to the people it could be whatever they want it to be. The clothing could be extremely dramatic like haute couture or it could be very simple and elegant. The creator of a Halloween costume is like the designer of a line of clothing. A designer does this job every day of the year, but the costume-creator only has the opportunity to do it once a year. I, myself, love to sketch and create new designs almost everyday. The job that person takes into hand for Halloween is what I do everyday. Even if it may not be as dramatic as some Halloween costumes I enjoy doing it because of the freedom it gives you. There is no limits to what you can sketch or create. It all depends on how hard you’re willing to work to create what you have imagined.

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Electro Geisha said...

once a month would be great. to get out of those corporative-stick-it-in your-ass suits and stuff..