Alexander Wang Spring 2009

So, my first thoughts...I love it. It's so on target and works so well for right now, but I was expecting something fresh and new for Spring 09. The whole light wash denim thing is very in-the-now, along with those chunky goth-esque leather shoes and accessories. The layering of the clothing makes each piece very wearable.
Progrsesing from the heavier, earlier, spring 09 look Wang started to throw in more summery aspects. The weight of the clothing seemed lighter.. with a few exceptions.

The sequined blazer... amazing. Though the color pallet in this line was mostly pastels and blacks/whites/grays, Wang was able to throw in a few random pops of color. His Spring 09 line was head-turning glamour-grunge and very identifiable.


Anonymous said...

your blog is great!!
very nice! :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love your header!! xx

Anonymous said...

i'm looking forward to wearing a long ripped up jumper over lame leggings!

Jen said...

i loved this collection as well. Especially the cropped jumper! Wish I had the abs for it. Oh well. :)


i definately must agree with you that this collection is very wearable i like ur blog :D