The Sex And The City Style Files

So, basically anything on Sarah Jessica Parkers Body, this includes her feet, is a sell out. Even though this is not my favorite look, it seems to have been knocked already. I'm not quite sure who makes her dress, but I found a copy. How shocking? These dior gladiators have already been copied by two companies, and I'm sure there is many more to come. On Asos there is a whole section of the website dedicated to Sex And The City knockoffs. I'm pretty sure it should just be called knock-offs, because even if it was from Sex And The City, it was made by a real designer. It's not "in the style of SJP", rather "knocking SJP's designer outfit". Well, it's not that bad because now we can afford it! I, personally, would never wear that dress, but if something simliar was on Carrie's body, I'm sure it will be on others very soon.
Asos Leather Heavy Gladiator Sandals (Bottom Right)
Steve Madden Madalynn (Top Right)
Asos Rose Print Prom Dress (Top Left)
Large Eyelet Grommet Belt (Center Bottom)
Extreme Dior Gladiator Platform (Bottom Left)

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