It's inspiration not emulation

I know I post the Olsen girls alot, and I have a few more posts featuring them soon.  But, they just don't get boring!  Their fashion sense is so entertaining and never ending.  The same article of clothing may be worn more than once, obviously, but it's just the way they put their clothes together.  Anyone can go and buy that same top or skirt, but it will never be the same as the Olsen's.  It's not so much the article of clothing, but the way it's put together with other clothing and the confidence of the person wearing it.  Something as little as a hair style can change it.  I'm not at all saying to go dye your hair blonde and curl it, then buy those clothes and pose like that.  I'm saying to be individual and re-create a similar look that inspired you.  Let other people influence your style, but never try to exact their style to yours, because it just won't happen.  It's inspiration not emulation.

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Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i loved that image!!
she looks really nice there!