Gladiator Inspiration- The Bible Shoe

I bought these shoes in Israel for $30 last summer. They are a pretty common shoe there because they are the bible shoe. They are just leather and rubber and they are made for comfort. The bible shoe has been passed down for centuries because of its convenience in Israel's topography and climate. But, now that I look at them I find them to be wearable in New York. It looks like I could have bought them in a shop in Soho because of the gladiator-esque look of them. They sell sandals that look just like this at Urban Outfitters and millions of other places now. So, Why not?


Toni Alexis said...

Those are so rad! And you got them in Israel? I am definitely sold! I also added you to my list today!



CRISTA said...

haha .. these gladiators are awesome!!! Way cooler because you bought them in Israel!!