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Urban Outfitters is most certainly competing with  American Apparel.  I thought Urban was for that bohemian, carefree, laid back, but still trendy look.  It was all about the intricacy.  It's just urban.  But I'm guessing they're ready for change.  The thing is though, American Apparel is still cheaper and always has the same products.  You know that when you're going there, there will most likely be the same product there as last time.  Urban is the opposite.  It's notorious for constantly getting in new apparel & accessories.  So, really, unless they were changing around everything about the store they couldn't become that similar American Apparel.  They're just two different vibes, so why is Urban trying to gain the AA customer.  In the picture above Urban is advertising some of AA's most common product types.  I go in to Urban for that unique looking piece (though it may not be that unique since billions of other people go there) and I go into American Apparel for my basic basics (which is really okay since everyone wears basic anyways).
**Pictured above is the current main picture on the Urban Outfitters website.


She's Dressing Up said...

Yeah they must feel a real threat to their business from AA, which I agree is odd as they seem to stock two different types of clothes!! Hmm I dont think this advert works at all for UO, just makes me confused as to what they're doing!!
P.s Id love to trade links!

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Very strange!! You're completely right about UO its cute, quirky goods not basics. The advert is confusing, should be interesting to see the outcome

zoe said...

it's very interesing that UO is trying to garner AA customers. i don't think they should feel threatened. basics are to be worn with more unique pieces. i love UO for it's originality. and i mean, no one can JUST shop at American Apparel and look amazing. I am sure AA customers are already UO customers as well.

Lust for Fashion said...

I just bought some items from Urban last weekend :D. If I had to choose, I'd probably pick AA because its just a little bit cheaper, and its simplicity at its best!